Spectacular Young Sound Horses

Our Horses

We offer spectacular, young, sound horses for sale, including Thoroughbreds,  Hanoverian, Warmbloods and Olden-burgs.

Through our practice of natural horsemanship we work in sympathy with the horse to establish trusting relationships.  Our horses are second to none and each final presentation reflects experienced and nurturing mastering in equine excellence.

Our Services

The mission of Equine Etiquette is to treat it’s customers with detailed respect and transparency, while selling the very best, calm, sound horses in the East Coast. We take pride in the manner in which we conduct business and take our time with each project, striving for the optimal presentation to the perfectly matched buyer.

About Us

Equine Etiquette, established in 2004, has been successfully matching quiet, sound athletic horses to loving, nurturing, equine educated owners in the Washington Metropolitan area. Our staff is educated and professional diligent on mastering equine excellence while selling horses. Our horses are extremely unique as we maintain a high level of professionalism in every aspect of our relationships.

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